Factual information on how to deal with a pest problem first:-
Rats & Mice – Proofing your property is the best and most effective method of control, however mice can squeeze through a hole the size of your little finger so easier said than done!
Wasps – Wasp traps are time consuming and require maintenance to remain attractive to the pesky wasp. Being aware of the environment wasps prefer to live in , or managing food stuffs is a more sustainable solution to setting traps.
Fleas – Fleas depend on a host to allow them to feed but not for the eggs to hatch, this is usually on the ground or in a rug/carpet, bedding or upholstery, this takes 2 days. Fleas can lay dormant for a long time until they detect vibration or carbon dioxide from a host. At this point they will jump to attention and onto the next meal ticket.
Treatment is a multi point approach. Pets, pet bedding, a good strong Hoover and so on use of a pesticide is a last resort.
Moths – Moth larvae can live in woollen carpets and garments along with fabrics. Hoovering in nooks and crannies, behind and under furniture can help.
Moles – Moles can be a grave nuisance if in a grave yard/ garden of remembrance or your top show jumper damages a leg in a mole run. A plan of action and the proximity to buildings needs to be taken into consideration if gassing as this is one along with mole traps course of action.